How to get Speed Camera Alerts with Google Maps

After looking a Waze (which has speed camera alerts) I still wanted to carry on using Google Maps, but wanted to get speed/safety camera alerts. I’d also been looking at TomTom Go for Android, which looks like a good app for road warriors, but also does 50 miles for free each month & has offline maps.. handy for getting out of a tight spot when there’s no data signal!

There’s actually another app from TomTom specifically for Speed Camera alerts.. it has an overlay mode that puts a floating widget over the top of *anything* .. so that might just be your homescreen, but can also be Google Maps.. neat!

Google Play Store link

Here’s a video showing how it works (please help me out by subscribing to my channel so that I can get to 1,000 subs this year!)





9 thoughts on “How to get Speed Camera Alerts with Google Maps”

  1. Hi, thanks for this – I downloaded and installed but can’t find any ‘overlay mode’ to use with my google maps/drive. Can you share how this is achieved?


  2. I’ve now updated the post with a video showing how to do this .. hope this helps everyone! :)

  3. Hi-Five Matt, excellent find and exactly what I wanted aside from complete google maps integration. Thanks a bunch for posting this, will prove extremely useful with the rollout of smart motorways across the UK

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