DBtoWEB is an application I developed for Windows 9x/XP/2003 that generates static web pages from a database.

It comes into its own when you’ve got no server-side scripting (e.g. PHP), like for distribution on CD-R or DVD. Stacks of sites use the application, the largest being a site in New Zealand which generates over 9,000 pages!

It’ll take information stored in a database and generate a set of web pages from that data. The pages are based on templates which contain special tags to tell DBtoWEB what database fields to place where. These templates can contain repeating sections which query the database for more information giving you more flexibility in the way you present your data. In other words at the push of a button you can generate hundreds of web pages based on a single template.

There’s little need for this program in today’s web.. but in its day, DBtoWEB was a really handy application.


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