Displaying a Replicon Time-Off Calendar in SharePoint (or wherever!)

Our team just started using Replicon to record our time off, but wanted to have a nice calendar widget on our SharePoint page (or wherever) rather than having to log into Replicon each time.

At first I tried their API, but struggled with permissions and getting any time-off data out of it.

However, I did find a more straight forward way.. through the iCalendar feed! I’m posting my solution here for anyone else who might want to do this with the minimum of effort (but it does need some effort! ;).

First off, you need to proxy the iCal data feed through something due to web (CORS) security.. so I’m doing that with a very simple Azure Logic App that grabs the feed & responds with the data.

Proxying the iCalendar Feed

This can then be consumed by our calendar JavaScript code, which takes the iCalendar data, reformats it to JSON, then tidies it to feed into a free JavaScript calendar called FullCalendar.

The full source for this is in a CodePen, which makes it easy for you to try this out yourself. https://codepen.io/mattc_uk/pen/bGYLBpP?editors=0010

(you’ll need to edit the URL in the code to point at your iCalendar data proxy).

Once you’re happy with the code (in CodePen) you’ll need to host it on a webserver, then you can use the Embed component in SharePoint to get it onto your site page. To do this, I actually used another quick Azure Logic App, since it means I don’t need to have an actual web server.

I pasted all the code from the CodePen into a Response blog & boom, we have an easily-embedded calendar containing our team’s holidays!

Hosting the code in a Logic App

Hopefully this will help anyone else trying to do something similar, so you don’t have to start from scratch.


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