Moving ISP – Not so difficult

This post will probably end up sounding like an ad, but that’s not the point of this post. Basically, I had to move ISPs because O2 were wanting heavier users off their network & don’t care if any downloads are limited to the early hours of the morning.

The hunt was on for a new ISP and BT looked half decent with a cap of 100Gb (at 80Gb they start sending you emails to warn you). Then a mate of mine said he was with IDnet; I took a look at their website & it was a breath of fresh air.. they actually publish their usage limits! If only more ISPs were as transparent as this!!

Migration only took 5 working days, and the new ADSL2+ service is really speedy.. I don’t get any problems watching iPlayer at peak times like I did with O2. Fantastic stuff!

Using OpenDNS with the O2-supplied Router

One thing that O2 didn’t put into the web interface for the Thomson TG585 wireless routers they supply you with, is a way to change DNS servers. It’s therefore a bit of a pain if you want to use OpenDNS. Luckily it’s not that hard to make the changes via a telnet connection:

Login name: SuperUser
Password: O2Br0ad64nd

Now make a note of your existing DNS setup using this command:

dns server route list

It’ll give you something like this;

DNS Server Entries:
  DNS Server     Source  Label   Metric Intf         State  Domain
D                    10     O2_ADSL       UP      *
D                    10     O2_ADSL       UP      *

The ‘Intf’ column is the type of connection you have (yours might differ from mine).. you’ll need this for the next commands;

dns server route flush
dns server route add dns= metric=0 intf=O2_ADSL
dns server route add dns= metric=0 intf=O2_ADSL
dns server route list

That’s it. Release and renew your IP address on all connected equipment and you’re all set.