Harmony 600 Replacement

Due to a clash with a toddler and my Harmony 555 all-in-one remote I bought a Harmony 600 in September last year. In the last month it’s been repeatedly rebooting/restarting. A new set of batteries sorts the issue out, but only for a couple of weeks, and then it starts happening again. There’s a thread on Logitech’s support site which talks about the problem, so it’s not an isolated issue.

The good thing is, that after raising a support ticket on Sunday, it only took a couple of message exchanges before they said it was faulty & shipped a new remote. They don’t even ask for the old one back, since they can de-activate it on their servers so that it can never be updated online.. pretty much rendering it useless, because there’s no way to update it without using their online app.

Kudos to Logitech for sorting this out so quickly! Really impressive.

Harmony 555 – a hacker’s remote :)

To go with my purchase of a new Topfield 5800 Freeview PVR in February I replaced the mess of remote controls with a single universal remote from Logitech. As usual I did some exhaustive research so that I knew exactly what I was getting, and that it’d do everything I wanted. The remote I chose was the Harmony 555; now available for about £50.

The main thing with the Harmony remote controls is that they’re very customisable, however you’ll need patience to set it up if you’re a perfectionist. All in all it took me around 3 hours (on and off) to get it just right. Programming it requires you use some software on a PC & upload the settings to the remote via a USB cable. This worked pretty well and I couldn’t imagine trying to configure it without a PC. An added bonus is that even if you break the remote all your settings are kept with Logitech and can be synchronised back down.

Batteries (4xAAA) lasted around 4-5 months. Some of the more expensive Harmony remotes have colour screens and recharge an internal battery.. I’m really not that bothered about seeing the screen in colour and having to dock the thing to recharge it seems like a hassle & is another charger to add to the drawer.

After 6 months of use I’m still happy with it, and I’d recommend the Harmony 555 to anyone who wants a completely customisable universal remote.