Increasing battery life on a Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3

The latest software update to the Samsung Galaxy S3 upped it to use Android 4.3, but included a whole bunch of Samsung bloatware. From a full charge, it was only taking 20 hours to run down flat, with it feeling slightly warm all the time. There was also a really annoying app that was requesting I sign into Facebook after each restart.

From what I can see, there are a bunch of things that you can disable to improve the battery life & get things back to normal. Here’s what I did;

Go to.. Settings > More > Application Manager > All

Open & disable each of these.. (obviously if you use a particular service, like Dropbox, leave it alone);

Amazon MP3
Face Unlock
Game Hub
Music (the official Top 40 app)
Music Hub
O2 Space
S Suggest
S Voice
Samsung Account
Samsung Apps
Samsung Backup Provider
Samsung Browser SyncAdapter
Samsung Calendar SyncAdapter
Samsung Cloud Data Relay
Samsung Cloud Quota
Samsung Contact SyncAdapter
Samsung Link
Samsung Push Service
Samsung SMemo SyncAdapter
Samsung Syncadapters
Video Hub

Power Meter Plus 1.6 Released

This release of Power Meter Plus – the popular replacement for the standard Windows power meter – adds 4 new features/settings. These have been added after feedback from users.. a lot after it was featured on and in PC Pro magazine :)

The features/settings now available are:

  • Hide the meter instead of switching sides.. it then fades back a few moments later
  • Change the transparency level of the message that appears across the screen for certain warnings
  • Flash the warning message (optional)
  • Start the meter on the right of the screen (which is where it will stay if you set it not to move sides)

Click here for the Power Meter Plus download page.

Power Meter Plus

Using 3rd Party batteries with the Canon HF100/HF10 Camcorder

3775 The Canon HF100 is a great HD camcorder, and I’d really recommend it, especially for the price. You probably want a spare battery to go with it, but be careful which battery you choose. In their “wisdom” Canon has put a stranglehold on the 3rd party battery market by making the camcorder *very* picky about the voltage tolerances when charging a battery that’s attached to the camcorder.

The one I tried from this company would power the camcorder, but just refused to be charged. The camcorder LED blinked quickly, indicating there was a problem with the battery.

Watch out for sites like B2C Shopping; in their terms and conditions they’ve got clause which says they won’t pay your return postage costs… even if the reason for your return isn’t your fault! Their product description categorically says the battery is 100% compatible with the HF10/HF100.. but it isn’t! They eventually refunded the item cost, but none of the postage costs I incurred sending the incompatible product back!

I’ve seen on eBay that any non-Canon batteries for the HF10/HF100 come with their own charger.. getting around the problem of the camcorder refusing to charge these 3rd party batteries. Even when you do buy one of these, the batteries aren’t “intelligent” like the official Canon batteries.. which means each time you switch it on, the camcorder will tell you it can’t communicate with the battery & is that okay. Very annoying.