File Mover 1.3 Released

This new version of File Mover includes a number of snazzy new features :)

  • UNC support
  • Multiple source/destination folders
  • File wildcarding support (e.g. only move files matching *.log)

The Advanced Settings script can be used to specify multiple source/destination folders as well as wildcarding and custom script execution when a file is successfully moved.

Here’s an example situation; I’d like to move any files that appear in the completed folder into another folder called video. When a file is moved I’d also like some VBscript executed to perform some custom task. In another folder I’d also like any files called some*.log moved into a UNC network fileshare, but don’t want any VBscript executing each time. To achieve this I can use this script in Advanced Settings:

exec:wscript “c:\something\whatever.vbs” “%1”


Click on through to the File Mover page for the download.

DriveMapPro v1.5 Released

DriveMapPro has had a number of usability enhancements which have been rolled into version 1.5. If you haven’t seen DriveMapPro, it’s a tool for power users who manage lots of servers. It sits in the system tray and gives you a simple interface allowing easy access to;

  • Map/unmap a network drive on the fly
  • Explore a mapped network drive
  • Quick launch a program against the server, e.g. VNC
  • Ping the server repeatedly (useful when you’re waiting for it to reboot!)

Click through to the DriveMapPro page to download it.

New Features Added to Simple Webcam Capture

Latest additions to Simple Webcam Capture include support for capturing an image via a hotkey, and also via the command line! The command line arguments are as follows:

/filename “<full path and filename, e.g. c:\temp\cam.jpg>”
/suffix dd-mm-yyyy
/jpgquality 40
/imgperfect 500
/imgcaption Command line test

With command line support you can now trigger image capture from another app. One idea I had is to trigger the capture from a web page, i.e. you don’t have the webcam continuously capturing images, instead it only takes an image when you click a button on the page.