Flat Cat 6

128381306-40 This year I’m moving to HD at home, but streaming HD over a wireless connection is far from ideal. The next step up from that is to use the Ethernet over power adapters (like Homeplug) which are supposed to be pretty decent, yet expensive. However, I’ve gone for a wired connection using some really flat Cat 6 gigabit Ethernet cable.

Usually it’s a really hassle running cable from your router to the device, but because this cable is so flat it’ll go easily under most doors and you can then run it under the carpet.

At about £14 from CPC (for 15 meters) it’s not a bad price compared to buying wireless or power adapter kits.

3 thoughts on “Flat Cat 6”

  1. Yeah, I noticed the some playback issues when retrieving from the home server via wireless. I’m using CAT5 and that seems to be enough. I’m not watching many MKV or DVD quality movies, so CAT5 is working fine for me.

  2. @ghiberti; CAT5 is fine for HD too.. the only really flat cable CPC sell is CAT6 so I went for that. If they had flat CAT5 at a cheaper price then I’d have bought that instead :)

  3. Hello,
    I am looking at sending the hdmi signal from my sky hd box to multiple screens in my house. I was wondering how can I do this using CAT-6?
    Many thanks,

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