Power Meter Plus 1.6 Released

This release of Power Meter Plus – the popular replacement for the standard Windows power meter – adds 4 new features/settings. These have been added after feedback from users.. a lot after it was featured on Lifehacker.com and in PC Pro magazine :)

The features/settings now available are:

  • Hide the meter instead of switching sides.. it then fades back a few moments later
  • Change the transparency level of the message that appears across the screen for certain warnings
  • Flash the warning message (optional)
  • Start the meter on the right of the screen (which is where it will stay if you set it not to move sides)

Click here for the Power Meter Plus download page.

Power Meter Plus

2 thoughts on “Power Meter Plus 1.6 Released”

  1. Are you aware that v1.6 has a serious bug?

    When I run it at startup, it always only appears on the right as I configured it. But when I pop up its settings window and close it again (without changing anything), the meter pops up on the left!!

    It does this until it is quit and restarted.

    Can you fix it?

    Also can you put the version number in the title of the settings window? That way we know the version number without having to re-run it.


  2. Heh heh. I wouldn’t call that serious, but sure.. I’ll take a look and get it fixed. Someone else raised it a few weeks ago. And yeah, putting the version number on the settings page is a good idea! :D

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