BT i-Plate

There have been a bunch of articles on the web about the BT i-Plate; a self-fit component that you stick into your master socket to improve your broadband speed. PC Pro gave it a good review, and so did a bunch of sites on the web.. for a tenner I thought I’d give it a try.

Speeds before:

5975 kbps (747kB/s) 376 kbps (47kB/s)
5812 kbps (727kB/s) 377 kbps (47.1kB/s)
5453 kbps (682kB/s) 373 kbps (46.6kB/s)
4873 kbps (609kB/s) 378 kbps (47.3kB/s)

Speeds after:

6151 kbps (769kB/s) 379 kbps (47.4kB/s)
5227 kbps (653kB/s) 379 kbps (47.4kB/s)
5350 kbps (669kB/s) 379 kbps (47.4kB/s)
4141 kbps (518kB/s) 366 kbps (45.8kB/s)
3622 kbps (453kB/s) 358 kbps (44.8kB/s)
4409 kbps (551kB/s) 360 kbps (45kB/s)

So far the results don’t look any different from before. Hey Ho. Maybe the connection will improve over time, with better line stability.

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