File Mover 1.7 Released (bugfix only)

This is a minor bugfix release. I noticed that when multiple files are moved during 1 iteration of the timer, the same piece of exec script is run each time, i.e. it didn’t run for each individual file, just the first one it moved.

Click over to the software page for the download.

2 thoughts on “File Mover 1.7 Released (bugfix only)”

  1. Hi. I’m wondering about creating a windows service utilizing the filemover application. What I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked, though. I can make the service and it does start, but it does not move the files – and no errors are recorded anywhere. The filemover app works as expected when opening the same .exe file directly. I’ve monkeyed with some of the settings, but I get the same result.

    It’s as if the ‘start timer when app starts’ setting isn’t acknowledged when it runs as a service. Or perhaps there is some error when starting the application, but since it’s running as a service it can’t be seen.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  2. I’d be really interested to know what you’re using to make it run as a service. It’d be great to post up a How To on this site.

    OK, here are a few things you could try:

    Check what account it’s running under. Settings are saved on a per-account basis, so if you set it up whilst running one account, but are running it as a service under another, then it won’t retrieve and settings.

    Run the app once using the account you’ll use for the service so you can see the GUI.

    Another thing you could try is amending service so that it is able to ‘Interact with desktop’.

    Let me know how you get on!

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