New App: Screen Saver Killer

Some businesses enforce a corporate policy whereby your screensaver is set globally and is locked down so that you can’t change the settings.

In a whole bunch of scenarios, this is the last thing you want. Here are a few examples:

  • During a presentation consisting of a video, the screen saver will activate after the period defined by your IT department
  • On the big screens they put up on walls to show corporate messages/stats/etc you don’t want the screen saver activating when these screens are driven by a PC which is logged into a user account.
  • You’re not working on your laptop, but have the screen open so that you can keep an eye on your inbox, or a system monitor tool. If the screen saver kicks in every 10 minutes it can get very tedious unlocking the thing each time >:-(

Screen Saver Killer is a very simple app that will give you back control over your screen saver settings.

Click through for the download.

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