Caller Id Revisited

For a while the caller id project has been on the back burner as I’ve been working on other things and have upgraded my gaming PC. I’ve now got the time and inclination to revisit the caller id project in an attempt to get a reliable/working solution.

The aim of the project is to detect an incoming phone call and do the following:

  • Log the call to an RSS feed (useful for knowing when someone important has tried to contact me whilst I’m at work)
  • Broadcast the caller id info to devices on my network. This includes the Xbox running XMBC and CallerIdLite, a couple of laptops, and a gaming PC.

Detecting an incoming call is achieved by attaching a suitable modem to a server & have the PC log the call.

Although I initially had the US Robotics modem working, it suffered from the DSR Drop problem and I never did get a permanent fix :( In the end, I sold it on eBay and bought a different brand.

I’m now using an external Pace 56 Voice Modem (firmware drivers available here and modified modem driver that supports calller id in the UK here) which works perfectly and gives me an opportunity to complete this project.

Now that the incoming calls are reliably detected and the caller id is being distributed across devices on the network using YAC, the one thing left to perfect is the notification on my gaming PC. In a game the standard YAC popup won’t be visible, therefore the ideal solution is for the id to be read out using text-to-speech :-)

YAC doesn’t currently support this kind of thing, but fortunately the guy who wrote it made the source code available under the GPL. My next post will cover how I’ve extended YAC to do text-to-speech.

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