USB Detect & Launch Version 1.3 Released

USB Detect & Launch has been enhanced to allow you to execute a custom script from the system tray menu. The option appears only when you’ve inserted the USB device. The idea behind this is that after the initial insertion event you can fire an automatic script to perform an action, then before you eject it you can use the system tray menu to fire off another script.

To use this feature, simply add a line under your device called menurun. E.g.

“c:\win32app\startup\batch-insert-pendrive.cmd” %2
menurun:”c:\win32app\startup\batch-eject-pendrive.cmd” %2

One utility you might find useful to use in conjunction with your scripts is USBDeview. This will allow you to issue a ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ command from your script.

Click over to the software page for the download.

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