Podcast Subscription Software

There are a whole host of podcasts that I download when a new episode is released. What I want to do is automate the process so that I don’t have to keep checking back for the latest ep. There is a fair amount of software out there that claims to do this, so I downloaded a fair number and looked for the following features:

  • Can be left unattended to just do it’s stuff
  • Accepts RSS feeds for subscriptions
  • Ability to download into a specific folder
  • Download the latest unseen episodes
  • Allow me to specify the episodes I don’t want
  • Schedule the downloads to happen at certain times
  • Minimum of clutter

Using a VirtualPC was ideal for evaluating each app; it allowed me to try each one without worrying about cluttering up my PC with stray registry entries and .dlls.

The ones I took a look at were RSS Radio, Nimiq, FireAnt, and Juice (formally known as iPodder). The one I liked most, for it’s simplicity and the fact it just works, is Juice which is Open Source and cross-platform.

Over the coming days I’ll play a bit more with it and see whether it lives up to my expectations! :-D

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