File Mover 1.3 Released

This new version of File Mover includes a number of snazzy new features :)

  • UNC support
  • Multiple source/destination folders
  • File wildcarding support (e.g. only move files matching *.log)

The Advanced Settings script can be used to specify multiple source/destination folders as well as wildcarding and custom script execution when a file is successfully moved.

Here’s an example situation; I’d like to move any files that appear in the completed folder into another folder called video. When a file is moved I’d also like some VBscript executed to perform some custom task. In another folder I’d also like any files called some*.log moved into a UNC network fileshare, but don’t want any VBscript executing each time. To achieve this I can use this script in Advanced Settings:

exec:wscript “c:\something\whatever.vbs” “%1”


Click on through to the File Mover page for the download.

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