Energy Usage – Results

Last night I tried out the energy meter I bought from CPC to see whether I could save money by replacing the home file server with a newer, more energy efficient model.

These are the results:

Home Server
ASDL Router             On      On      On
Wireless AP             Off     On      On
600Mhz P3 File server   Off     Off     On
Totals                  16w     22w     70w

I was quite surprised to see that the old P3 running at 600Mhz doesn’t actually consume as much as I’d thought it would. With that setup running 24/7 it’s costing me around £4.70 a month.

To save power at night, I have the Wireless Access Point on a timer switch (together with a couple of other power adapters) that powers down from 11:30pm until 7:30am. These consume about 6w so that saves me around £1.60 a year in electric, as well as providing a bit of security on the Wireless AP at night.

After seeing what I used on the server, I tried it out on the main TV setup:

Wireless Client         On       On      On      On
Freeview                On       On      On      On
Amp                     St by    On      On      On
TV (32" CRT)            Sd by    Off     On      On
Xbox Media Centre       Off      Off     Off     On
Totals                  15w      39w     160-    205w
.                                        180w

It’s interesting to see the standby power consumption in the first column which totals 15w. Until a few months ago I used to leave everything on standby, but now switch everything off through a single switch on the power strip. This saves us around £8.70 a year.

To work out the costs, I used this Electricity Running Cost Calculator from UK Power. When I was weighing up whether to replace the file server with a more energy efficient model, I worked out the monthly cost for 2 levels of wattage, and used a quick accumulator in Excel to see how much each level would cost over the years.

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