Energy Meters

With all the recent electricity price increases it occurred to me that I really should know how much the appliances in my home use when they’re on standby. Therefore I ordered one of these energy meters from CPC.

At home we’ve actually pre-empted this by turning off the TV, Amp, and Freeview box at night (all on 1 switch on a powerstrip). However it’ll be interesting to see how much they’d all normally take up whilst on standby.

This web page can then be used (once you know that watts) to see how much they’d cost to run for a month:

What really interests me is how much power my server (on 24/7) is consuming. It’s an old 600mhz P3 which does the job for a fileserver. However, maybe replacing it with a MiniITX system that consumes around 40w of power would pay for itself in a couple of years.

I’ll find out in a few days when the meter is delivered :-)

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