Optimus OLED Mini-Keyboard.. Why Not Use a PDA Instead?

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of the Optimus OLED Mini-keybaord. If not, head over to HardOCP forums for some nice pictures.

Basically it consists of three customisable buttons on the end of a USB cable. These buttons are small OLED screens that can display pretty much anything. At the end of the day, it’s a nice thing to have but I was thinking most of us have a PDA kicking around (I use the Mio 168 for GPS)… how about hooking the PDA up to display stuff piped over from your PC??

The touchscreen on the PDA could accept user input.. perhaps to page over to another set of displays. I could imagine it’d be pretty useful whilst gaming; no need to tab out and check who’s just emailed you. Same goes for CPU temps etc etc.

Has anyone spotted anything like this for PocketPC? If there’s a market for a 3-button OLED keyboard, then surely there’s a market for someone writing a wizzy app to display this kind of info on a PDA. Drop me an email (via the contact page) if you know of anything.

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