Classic Gaming: Deuteros for the Amiga

Deuteros is one of those games I vividly remember from my game-playing days on the Amiga. Due to the number of games available I guess I played it for a few weeks, then dropped it. Amiga emulators for the PC now give me the chance to play the game again, without dragging the old hardware out of the loft.

The emulator I chose was WinUAE and setting it up is pretty easy once you’ve acquired the Kickstart ROM. After that, another search will give you disk images of the actual game. Deuteros had a custom save disk & I couldn’t get it to work through the emulator… however, WinUAE can simply Snapshot the entire (virtual Amiga) memory to a PC file; perfect!

One thing I’d forgotten was how hard Deuteros got when the Methanoids started attacking. In fact, I don’t have the patience to balance my resources so perfectly, just to create enough battle drones. Instead, I decided to cheat.. but only to bypass the mind-numbing drone production process.

In the Amiga days there was the Action Replay which was a bit of hardware you could attach. This had a button that would freeze the game and allow you to tinker with the memory, etc. With the Amiga emulator running on a PC we have access to the memory through PC applications.. which is when I found Poke from

Poke is just what you need when you’re searching for values in memory which you don’t the value of. When the number of drones on a ship in Deuteros is 20, the actual value in memory isn’t 20.. it’s something else. This renders lots of memory searching applications useless. But Poke can take a snapshot of the processes memory address space, then you play the game a bit longer and then tell Poke to search for memory locations that have Remained the Same / Changed / Increased / Decreased. Easy! After a number of passes you’ll end up with the memory location you’re looking for.

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