Broadband; ‘Conflicting Product’ Problem

When I moved home a couple of weeks ago everything went really smoothly. Taking over and transferring the phone number from the old line went alright, although it did take 3-4 days for our old number to be transferred to the new address.

However when it came to ordering broadband, the ISP I chose phoned me a week and a half later to say there was a conflicting product on the line. It was likely that the previous owner had broadband, and it hadn't been cancelled & removed from the line. The ISP said BT would be able to sort this out.

It took a couple of hours to find someone at BT who knew what I was on about and could sort it out. The route they took me down was:

  • Initial call to 0800 500 150 – hopeless IVR system which I found terminated at various points with an unknown number error. Went through a different route a number of times (attempting to avoid these dead ends) and eventually spoke with someone who said that 151 would know what to do.
  • 0800 500 151 – routed to India. They hadn't a clue and kept me on hold a number of times whilst they talked to a supervisor. Eventually said to raise it with broadband technical help.
  • 0845 600 7030 – the broadband tech guy said there was little they could do since they didn't know which ISP the previous product was held with. He said to ring Ofcom who would tell me & could progress it further.
  • 0845 456 3000 (Ofcom) – After navigating through the IVR an automated message said that they have nothing to do with Conflicting Product / Marker problems. BT Wholesale are the people to speak to, and gave their number.
  • 0800 169 0934 – Despite waiting in a queue for 20 minutes BT Wholesale were actually helpful & could see the problem straight away. The order to remove the old product off the line was in progress and would take a few more days to be resolved.

So eventually I got the answer I was after. The thing that really bugs me is that it took me 5 different phone numbers to get to the right people. And that it was Ofcom who told me the right number to ring.. not BT.

Overall, I must have wasted a couple of hours chasing this problem up. Rubbish!

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